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The Warrior Academy Podcast

Jan 10, 2021

Ben Kirk is the Co-Founder and Director of INSPIRED SCHOOLS and Inspired Somerset. Ben was a former secondary school’s PE teacher, but his journey to becoming the co-founder of Inspired Playgrounds started when he founded another business, Key Stage Coaching. Key Stage Coaching (now Inspired Somerset) still operates in Somerset, providing outstanding PE lessons to Primary Schools and this was the springboard to the creation of Inspired Playgrounds. When entering back into the world of Primary School PE, some 8 years after leaving a role for the local sports partnership to go travelling. Ben and his partner Marcus Holmes observed significant changes in teacher’s workloads and the physical literacy and activity levels of the children. This sparked the need to come up with something innovative, which could make a real difference to the lives of the children at Primary Schools. What started as a way to get children more physically active during the school day has grown to improve behaviour, helping children to engage more with their learning, giving teacher’s time back, developing sports leaders that schools are proud of and that play an active role in the school, and of course, still raising physical activity levels as there are such huge benefits of doing so.