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The Warrior Academy Podcast

Aug 28, 2023

In this inspiring episode, Seb had a wonderful and deep conversation with Jessica Smith, a Paralympian swimmer and disability advocate. They explore the journey of overcoming challenges, building self-love and resilience, and promoting disability inclusion. Jessica shares personal experiences, practical advice, and her mission to empower children and society through her story.

Topics Discussed:

- Overcoming challenges and setbacks in pursuit of her dreams.
- The importance of self-love, resilience, and embracing uniqueness.
- The role of parents in shaping a child's self-perception and resilience.
- Finding the balance between protection and empowerment in parenting.
- Practical tips for teenagers to develop self-love and face life's obstacles.
- The cathartic experience of sharing personal stories and challenges.
- Jessica's work in the Middle East, focusing on disability awareness and inclusion.
- Creating children's books and presentations to empower young minds.
- The emotional impact of sharing personal stories and trauma.
- The significance of timing and respect in sharing difficult experiences.

To learn more about Jessica Smith's empowering work and stay updated on her initiatives, visit her website at and follow her on Instagram @jessicasmith27.

Join the conversation and contribute to the mission of promoting self-love, resilience, and inclusion.

Thank you for tuning in to this insightful episode of The Warrior Academy podcast. We look forward to your feedback, thoughts on competition, and your experiences in fostering character growth through healthy competition.

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