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The Warrior Academy Podcast

Aug 29, 2023

How confident is your child?

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In this episode, Seb delves into the topic of competition and how it's approached at The Warrior Academy. Seb discusses the importance of competition in character development, its challenges, and the unique strategies employed by the academy to foster a healthy competitive spirit in young students.

Topics Discussed:

- The significance of competition in a child's character development, teaching them to step out of their comfort zones and handle success and failure.
- Modern challenges of shielding children from failure and the impact of language in how we discuss challenges.
- Emphasis on inspiring through language and the role of language in shaping a child's self-image.
- The dual nature of competition – its benefits and potential drawbacks when not mentored appropriately.
- The hot topic of participation medals.
- Balancing recognition for showing up with maintaining a healthy competitive spirit.
- The Warrior Academy's unique approach to recognition: T-shirts for participants and trophies for winners within smaller groups.
- The importance of creating a safe environment for children to compete, fostering a sense of community.
- Observations on the challenges children face in external competitions and the potential impact on their experience.
- Keeping competitions in-house to maintain a supportive environment, manage culture, and promote the right mentoring.
- The success of this approach in producing over 50 national champions across various countries.
- The announcement of the upcoming Warrior World Championships in 2024.
- Expanding to multiple continents and welcoming international students for an elevated level of competition.
- A perspective on preparing children for competition, focusing on gaining experience and learning from losses.
- Encouraging children to exhibit not just technique but also character traits like courage and conduct.
- Parents' role in offering perspective, reinforcing the importance of participation, and guiding post-competition analysis.

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Thank you for tuning in to this insightful episode of The Warrior Academy podcast. We look forward to your feedback, thoughts on competition, and your experiences in fostering character growth through healthy competition.

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