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The Warrior Academy Podcast

Oct 27, 2023

How confident is your child?

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In this episode of the Warrior Academy Podcast, Sebastian Bates, the founder of the Warrior Academy, shares a brief chapter from his book, "Not a Victim." This book, authored in 2021, is dedicated to assisting parents in guiding their children through the challenging ordeal of bullying. The episode provides a glimpse into the book's content, focusing on strategies and insights that can empower children to confront and overcome bullying. Parents are encouraged to proactively prepare their children for the eventualities of dealing with bullying, both in physical and digital spaces.


Topics Discussed:

- Equipping parents with modern self-defense mechanisms for their children.

- The importance of proactive parenting in the age of digital threats.

- Acknowledging that life includes both joyful and painful experiences.

- Teaching children how to respond appropriately to negative emotions.

- Reducing the risk of bullying and its lasting effects.

- Building emotional resilience and self-protection skills.

- The importance of allowing children to feel and handle difficult emotions.

- Preparing children to diagnose and address feelings of exclusion.


To explore the full content of "Not a Victim" and empower your child to face bullying with confidence, consider obtaining the complete book in its physical or audiobook format, available on platforms like Amazon and Audible.  Subscribe to the Warrior Academy Podcast for more invaluable episodes. Together, let's inspire positive change in young individuals and build strong character.

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