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The Warrior Academy Podcast

Oct 30, 2023

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Join us on the Warrior Podcast as we delve into the incredible story of Kelly Marie Hodgkin, a mother of three and a successful business mentor with multiple businesses and a martial arts background. Kelly shares her journey of overcoming homelessness, adversity, and resilience, discussing how her challenging upbringing shaped her character. Learn how she manages a multitude of roles and responsibilities, focusing on the importance of time management. Discover Kelly's approach to goal setting, planning, and preparing for success. This inspirational episode provides valuable insights into personal development, parenting, and entrepreneurship.


Topics Discussed:

- Kelly's challenging childhood, including her journey through foster care and adoption.

- Overcoming adversity and the importance of resilience in personal development.

- Parenting and the influence of one's own upbringing on parenting style.

- The courage needed in parenting and how it aligns with business and character development.

- Kelly's role as a business mentor and the importance of mentorship in the entrepreneurial journey.

- The challenges faced by Kelly's businesses during economic downturns and her advice for diversifying income streams.

-The key mistakes parents make when starting a business and the importance of prioritization and planning.

If you're seeking inspiration, valuable insights into personal development, and the experience of an entrepreneur and business mentor, don't miss this episode. Kelly's journey is a testament to the power of resilience, courage, and learning from past experiences. Stay connected for more episodes that provide motivation, guidance, and valuable life lessons.

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