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The Warrior Academy Podcast

Nov 24, 2023

How confident is your child?

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Join Sebastian Bates, founder of the Warrior Academy and host of the Warrior Academy Podcast, as he shares a powerful chapter from his book, "Not a Victim." This episode delves into the critical topic of bullying and mental health, offering insights and tools to empower parents in guiding their children through this challenging transition. Sebastian emphasizes the proactive role parents can play in preparing their children to face bullying, fostering resilience and mental fitness.

Topics Discussed:

- Introduction to "Not a Victim" and its purpose

- The inevitability of facing bullying in life

- Empowering parents to mentor children through bullying

- Insights from the chapter on "Bullying and Mental Health"

- Understanding the cognitive pattern of growth and decline

- Impact of genetic profile, environment, and life events on mental fitness

- The correlation between cognitive fitness and socioeconomic status

- Importance of regularly testing mental fitness

- Invitation to assess mental fitness through the clinically validated app

- The three C's: Confidence, Conduct, and Concentration in child development

- Introduction to the Breakthrough Area Assessment for parents

If you found the discussion on bullying and mental health insightful, stay connected with the Warrior Academy Podcast for more valuable episodes. Subscribe to the podcast on your preferred platform and follow us on social media for updates. For a personalized assessment of your child's three C's (Confidence, Conduct, Concentration), visit Let's work together to nurture resilient and confident individuals.

Thank you for tuning in to this episode. Your journey to empower your child against bullying starts here!

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