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The Warrior Academy Podcast

Dec 7, 2023

How confident is your child?

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In this episode of the Warrior Academy Podcast, Sebastian Bates, founder of the Warrior Academy, discusses the prevalent issue of cyberbullying. He emphasizes the inevitability of children facing bullying but focuses on how parents can proactively prepare and empower their children to navigate these challenges effectively.

Topics Discussed:

- Understanding cyberbullying and its prevalence in the digital age.

- Differentiating between traditional bullying and cyberbullying.

- Unique aspects of cyberbullying: anonymity, disconnected behavior, unceasing nature, global accessibility, permanency, and public visibility.

- The emotional and psychological impact of cyberbullying on victims.

- Importance of spending quality time with your child to maintain open communication.

- Setting guidelines for digital presence, including age-appropriate platforms and time restrictions.

- The responsibility of online platforms to ensure user safety.

- Introduction of the "digital black belt" training within the Warrior Academy to empower students to defend themselves online.

- Tips for parents to monitor and address cyberbullying effectively.

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