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The Warrior Academy Podcast

Dec 22, 2023

How confident is your child?

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Sebastian Bates, founder of Warrior Academy and host of the Warrior Podcast, shares a chapter from his book, "Not a Victim," written in 2021. The book aims to assist parents in mentoring their children through the challenging transition of dealing with bullying. Sebastian encourages listeners to explore the audiobook or physical book on platforms like Spotify, Audible, or Amazon for comprehensive guidance.

- Importance of Mentoring Children through Bullying

- Training to Increase Stress Threshold for Mental Clarity

- Ensuring High General Vitality to Boost Stress Threshold

- Developing Control of Breathing and Challenging Oneself

- Breaking the Link Between Stressful Events and Future Trauma

- Incremental Process of Stress Management and Prevention

- Foundations Laid in Childhood Impacting Adult Responses

- Understanding Trauma Originating from Small Events

- Learning to Deal with Stress, Anxiety, and Fear Like Hunger or Thirst

- Significance of the SOS (Stretch, Outcome, Strategy) Process

- Perspective and Duration: Changing Perception of Time

- Recognizing Control Over Actions, Thoughts, and Internal States

- Taking Small Incremental Steps to Manage Challenges

Thank you for tuning in to this enlightening chapter from "Not a Victim." To gain deeper insights into your child's Confidence, concentration, and conduct, participate in the Breakthrough Area Assessment. This quick assessment offers a personalized PDF report to help you understand and enhance your child's three C's. Access the assessment at

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Empower your child's character development journey with Warrior Academy. Until next time, see you later.

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