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The Warrior Academy Podcast

Dec 29, 2023

How confident is your child?

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Sebastian Bates, founder of Warrior Academy, delves into the intricate topic of parenting styles in this episode. Acknowledging the lack of a parenting manual, he emphasizes the importance of understanding various parenting approaches. Bates aims to explore the impact of parenting styles on child development and guide parents in identifying their own style.

Four Main Parenting Styles:

- Authoritarian Parenting:
High demand with little responsiveness.
Focus on obedience and punishment.
Limited consideration for the child's feelings and thoughts.
Potential negative impact on self-esteem and individuality.

- Authoritative Parenting:
Balanced approach with authority and collaboration.
Positive discipline, explanations for rules, and consideration of children's thoughts.
Encourages responsibility and positive behavior.
Associated with children becoming responsible, happy, and successful adults.

- Permissive Parenting:
High responsiveness with minimal demands.
Lenient rules, infrequent enforcement.
Encourages talking through problems, forgiveness, and understanding.
Risks include low self-esteem, disruptive behavior, and health issues.

- Indifferent Parenting:
Uninvolved and disinterested parenting style.
Rarely asks about the child's well-being or activities.
Little to no expectations and responsiveness.
Neglectful, leading to low self-esteem, poor academic performance, and behavioral difficulties.

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