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The Warrior Academy Podcast

Jan 26, 2024

How confident is your child?

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Sebastian Bates, founder of The Warrior Academy and host of The Work Podcast, shares a snippet from his book, "Not a Victim." This chapter aims to help parents empower their children in navigating the challenging transition of bullying. Bates emphasizes proactive preparation and equipping children with tools to face life's obstacles independently.

Topics Discussed:

- You Can't Prevent Bullying Altogether (Point 13):
Acknowledging the creativity of people in finding reasons to bully.
Emphasizing the need for self-protection and resilience.

- You Can't Break Through Bullying for Your Child (Point 14):
Encouraging parents not to solve every challenge for their children.
Building resilience and principles for overcoming obstacles independently.

- Bullying Can Help Your Child to Develop (Point 15):
Drawing parallels with learning an instrument and practicing until perfection.
Viewing bullying as an opportunity for personal development and resilience.

- Words Don't Hurt You; You Let Words Hurt You (Point 16):
Highlighting the impact of words based on individual reactions.
Encouraging a mindset shift to reduce the impact of hurtful words.

- We All Need a Safe Word (Point 17):
Introducing the concept of a "safe word" indicating a child's need for help.
Creating a communication tool between parents and children.

- The Bully is a Victim (Point 18):
Challenging the perception of bullies as happy individuals.
Recognizing bullies as victims dealing with situations beyond their control.

- We All Need a Safe Environment (Point 19):
Stressing the importance of a safe and supportive environment for every child.
Creating spaces where children can be themselves and grow.

Empowering children against bullying involves fostering resilience, self-protection, and providing a safe environment. Parents play a crucial role in equipping their children with the tools needed to face life's challenges independently.

To delve deeper into understanding your child's three C's (Confidence, Conduct, and Concentration), take the Breakthrough Area Assessment at Subscribe to The Warrior Academy Podcast for ongoing insights into character development.

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