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The Warrior Academy Podcast

May 13, 2024

In this episode, Sebastian shares his inspiring journey from being bullied as a child to becoming a martial arts champion and a global leader in character development. He discusses the challenges he faced, how martial arts helped him develop resilience, and how he's now using his experience to empower thousands of children worldwide.

Topics Discussed:

• Sebastian's childhood experience with bullying and how martial arts helped him gain confidence.
• The importance of martial arts in developing character and resilience.
• Transitioning from being a victim to becoming a leader.
• The power of daily habits and one-off events in shaping character.
• Addressing bullying through understanding context and developing resilience.
• The role of parents in helping children navigate bullying and trauma.
• The Warrior Academy's approach to character development and anti-bullying.
• Sebastian's journey from athlete to martial arts instructor to global leader.
• The impact of martial arts on underprivileged communities and at-risk youth.
• The Bates Foundation and its mission to provide character development opportunities to children worldwide.

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