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The Warrior Academy Podcast

May 27, 2024

In this episode of the Warrior Academy podcast, founder Sebastian Bates shares a powerful chapter from his book "Not a Victim." This chapter delves into the challenges of bullying and provides parents with essential tools to mentor their children through this difficult transition. Listen in to learn how to empower your child with confidence, conduct, and concentration—the Warrior Academy's Three Cs.

Topics Discussed:
• Introduction to the book "Not a Victim" and its purpose
• The inevitability and challenges of bullying
• Importance of preparing children to face bullying proactively
• The Three Cs: Confidence, Conduct, and Concentration
• Negative impacts of bullying if not properly addressed:
• Loss of freedom and the feeling of imprisonment
• Breakdown in communication and the "sunset moment"
• The breaking point and emotional overload
• Development of a victim mentality and its long-term effects
• Encouraging post-traumatic growth over post-traumatic stress

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