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The Warrior Academy Podcast

Jun 3, 2024

In this episode, Barry Lee Cummings, founder of Beat the Cyberbully, discusses the increasing challenges of cyberbullying and the knowledge gap between parents and children regarding technology use. He emphasizes the importance of awareness, education, and open communication in protecting children online. The episode delves into practical advice for parents to navigate the digital landscape and foster a safer, more connected family environment.

Topics Discussed:
• The knowledge gap between parents and children in understanding technology
• The increase in cyberbullying and its impact on children's mental health
• The role of social media in influencing teenage behavior and suicide rates
• The importance of uncomfortable yet necessary conversations between parents and children about online safety
• Strategies for parents to better understand and engage with their children's digital activities
• The detrimental effects of helicopter parenting and overprotection in the digital age
• The significance of family unity and communication in combating online dangers
• Practical advice for setting boundaries and rules for children's technology use
• The role of education and community in raising awareness about online safety
• The benefits of fostering creativity and offline activities for children's development

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