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The Warrior Academy Podcast

Jun 14, 2024

In this episode of the Warrior Academy Podcast, we dive into Part Two of Not a Victim, titled "Ending the Cycle of Bullying." Sebastian Bates discusses the crucial steps parents can take to help their children overcome bullying. Emphasizing the importance of character development, he explains how building a child's Conduct, Confidence, and Concentration can lead to a successful and fulfilling life.

Topics Discussed
• The recurring nature of bullying and its impact on children
• Strategies for parents to help their children break through bullying
• The value of prioritizing character development over academic grades
• Research findings on the importance of executive function and cognitive fitness
• The definition and importance of a child's character
• Insights from the Warrior Academy survey on character development
• The three C's: Conduct, Confidence, and Concentration
• Achieving a "black belt character" for overall success

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