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The Warrior Academy Podcast

May 6, 2024

Paris Norris, the host of the Warrior Academy podcast, shares his inspiring stories of adventure and self-discovery. From rowing across the Pacific to exploring shipwrecks, Paris discusses the challenges he faced, the lessons he learned, and the profound impact these experiences had on his life.

Key Topics Discussed:

• Paris's adventurous upbringing in Somerset, UK, and his transition to life in Dubai.
• Rowing across the Pacific Ocean: Facing challenges, overcoming obstacles, and the profound moments of self-discovery during the journey.
• Discovering a shipwreck off the coast of Dubai and the emotional journey of uncovering its history.
• The evolution of travel and adventure: From backpacking in the golden age to the impact of social media on modern-day exploration.
• The need for authenticity and unpredictability in life, especially in a world dominated by social media and digital connectivity.
• Lessons learned from extreme adventures: Building resilience, teamwork, and the importance of adaptability in challenging situations.
• Paris's future adventures and projects, including climbing the world's tallest mountains, running marathons across continents, and producing documentaries.

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