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The Warrior Academy Podcast

Mar 22, 2024

In this episode, Sebastian Bates, founder of the Warrior Academy, shares insights from his book "Not a Victim" aimed at assisting parents in mentoring their children through the challenging transition of bullying. Bates discusses the crucial transitions children face and offers valuable advice on preparing them for these inevitable challenges.

Topics Discussed:

• Introduction to "Not a Victim" and its purpose in helping parents guide their children through bullying.
• Importance of proactive parenting in preparing children for life's obstacles.
• Overview of Chapter Four: "The Effects of Bullying" from the book.
• Insights gained from working with over 10,000 families and interviewing 2000+ parents.
• Three key transitions impacting children: Changing schools, adolescents separation, and loss.
• Detailed discussion on the transition of changing schools:
• Challenges faced during the transition from primary to secondary school.
• Impact on friendships, social environment, and academic pressure.
• The significance of sustained community involvement during this transition.
• Common mistakes made by parents and the benefits of maintaining community ties.
• Invitation to engage further with the Warrior Academy through the Breakthrough Area Assessment.

To stay connected and receive further insights on developing your child's character, visit to access the Breakthrough Area Assessment and receive a personalized PDF report on your child's three C's: competence, conduct, and concentration. Join us for future episodes of the Warrior Academy Podcast as we continue to provide valuable guidance for parents.

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