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The Warrior Academy Podcast

Mar 29, 2024

Join Sebastian Bates, founder of the Warrior Academy, as he shares insights from his book "Not a Victim" in this special episode of the Warrior Academy Podcast. Sebastian discusses the importance of proactively preparing children for the challenges of bullying and offers practical strategies for parents to empower their children through difficult transitions.

Topics Discussed:

• Introduction to "Not a Victim": A book aimed at mentoring children through the challenging transition of bullying.
• Understanding Bullying: Exploring the inevitability of bullying and the importance of proactive preparation.
• Adolescent Challenges: How disruptions in a child's community or emotional state can make them vulnerable to bullying.
• The Adolescent Journey: Navigating puberty and the emotional upheavals of adolescence.
• Strengthening Emotional IQ: Strategies for developing empathy, courtesy, and respect to enhance emotional intelligence.
• The Three C's: Competence, Conduct, and Concentration as key pillars of character development.
• Invitation to the Breakthrough Area Assessment: Empower yourself with personalized insights into your child's three C's. Visit to access your child's assessment today.

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